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Innovation services and solutions
Extensive corporate transformation through a long-term strategic partnership or targeted business journeys as short-term projects
You can inform us of your requirements via the questionnaire behind the following button. We will let you know which investment you can expect.

Scope of SAP Support Services: The following services are included with SAP Support. These can of course be expanded and customised as needed.
What does this mean in detail?
We also offer our customers our proprietary tool for monitoring SAP systems free of charge. This tool controls over 200 key figures 24 hours a day and allows us to detect and eliminate faults before they affect users' work.

We successfully completed the 200,000 chat this year the week before last. We talk to our customers in over 5,000 chats a week. We expect this to increase as many of our customers have not yet discovered the real-time support channels for themselves. In addition, awards are a good way for customers to get a neutral rating. We are proud that ASP, the Association of Support Professionals, has awarded us the Top 10 Support Web Site Award.

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" makes many SAP support tasks much easier.

Our customers can rely on us at any time of day or night.

Our support therefore corresponds to the highest quality standards of SAP.
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