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Usage Procedure Logging in SAP Solution Manager
How are SAP modules and SAP Basis related?
SAP Basis Support ensures secure operation of the SAP system landscape. For proper operation of the SAP system, the database and operating systems must be checked on a daily basis.

SAP Basis ensures smooth operation of the SAP Basis system. The SAP Basis system is a kind of operating system of the R/3 system or SAP ERP. It includes the three layers database, application and presentation. In addition, Basis includes many SAP middleware programs and administration tools. With Basis SAP applications can be used compatible and independent of operating system and database and can be enriched with the necessary data.
In this article you will learn:
In the case of distributed or local SAP systems, it can also be helpful if departments or decentralized IT units can schedule their own jobs themselves. It is important that the associated approval processes can also be mapped and easily tracked. This brings convenience, flexibility and a degree of freedom without neglecting operational security. The integration of the business departments can relieve the IT administrator and turn background processing into an end-to-end process integrated into the organization.

SAP administrators are present wherever SAP systems are used. This is now true for many industries and business sectors. SAP systems can be found in the areas of accounting, cost accounting, activity-based costing and controlling. In all of these areas, they ensure smooth operation and further development, helping the company to make internal processes more efficient and thus save costs and resources.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" are extremely useful in basic administration.

A peculiarity of blockchain technology is that it has solved the "Double Spending Problem".

If you want to know what steps are being performed for which scenario, run RSSPAM10.
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