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SAP Basis - trends for the coming years
Authorization management: preparation and follow-up of audits as well as ongoing or selective support
Over time, the tasks associated with the base became more complex and time-consuming, so that only the consultants could handle them. A need arose to hire a person to deal only with Basis matters.

To best adapt your SAP system to the internal and external requirements of your organization, further table-related customizing is required. Here, SAP offers the possibility of logging changes to critical tables through table logging.
BRF Business Rule Framework
SAP Basis consultants are experts in consulting. The job of an SAP Basis consultant has many areas of responsibility such as:

The HANA database (in-memory database) is an in-house development by SAP and brings with it numerous innovations. For example, it is automatically monitored by the system. In addition, it stores not only operational (user-generated) data, but also system data for controlling application content as well as configuration tables.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" are extremely useful in basic administration.

He commandeers soldiers, storms the town hall and even detains the mayor.

Determine the status of the SAL Evaluation of the SAL If the Security Audit Log is active, switch to the SM20 evaluation of the Security Audit Log.
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