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Default Scenario
SWU9 Trace of the BC-BMT-WFM component
First you have to create an area menu in the area menu maintenance with the transaction code SE43 or SE43N. Then add the created menu to the SAP standard menu S000.

The core component of SAP Basis is the application layer. It contains one or more application servers and a message server.
CG3Z Upload file
The comprehensive analysis provides the pattern and roadmap for the next steps. This also includes the right sizing, the selection of the monitoring concept and the appropriate deployment model, i.e. on-premise, cloud or hybrid cloud. Only with this planning can you ultimately achieve the desired goal - with transparent costs.

Overall, SAP Basis operation requires not only a high-quality technical infrastructure, but also distinct know-how and experience. This is because the management of the underlying SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA platforms has become extremely complex.

Use "Shortcut for SAP Systems" to accomplish many tasks in the SAP basis more easily and quickly.

Faster problem solutions: With an SAP service provider, you usually get faster solutions to problems that arise.

This allows them to prevent important applications with which your system communicates from being blocked by the ACL files.
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